Six Boroughs


“If you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life, if you’re bored of this city, you haven’t looked twice, these streets have been lit by a flame in the sky, you just have to open your eyes”.

Six Boroughs is a celebration of the lesser-known people and places of London, theatricalising the most extraordinary stories from the six host boroughs of London 2012. Tired of the daily grind, a commuter hops off the train and goes in search of the tales that make London what it is today.

London Bridge City, London | 2012


Director | Andrew Whyment

Composer | Rhys Lewis

Actors | Elizabeth Bassham, Louisa Beadel, Lauren Dyer, Andrew Hanratty, Kaffe Keating, Lily Knight, Joe Law, Louise Roberts, Anna Wheatley


Andrew Whymentpast