"You know how you can tell when morning has broken in London? It's nothing to do with sunlight. Or birds singing or anything like that. It's when the cars come out".

Bluebird follows Jimmy, a London mini cab driver, over the course of one night as he picks up a variety of fares. As each passengers' secrets are revealed Jimmy is forced to face some of his own demons.

Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh | 2011


"The young, vibrant cast are dazzling in this remarkable piece of in-yer-face drama".

★★★★★  | Oxford Review


Writer | Simon Stephens

Director | Andrew Whyment

Designer | Helen Coyston

Lighting Designer | Aaron J Dootson

Video Designer | Rob Raskovsky

Composer | Sam Underwood

Actors | Elizabeth Bellamy, Rachel Chambers, Stephanie De Whalley, Piers Foley, Garry Jenkins, Adam Loxley, Michael Roebuck, John Seaward, Josh Sneesby, Juliet Turner, Seda Yildiz


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