A Festival Guide


"Pack your bags, get on your way, the stage is set, we pitch today, on this land so rich, this realm of old, zip up your life, let this world unfold".

A Festival Guide takes you through hidden forests, across muddy fields and over treacherous mountains on a journey of festival enlightenment. First-time festival-goer Amy is at odds with her family and a misfit at school. Her passion for music leads her to her first ever festival, but how will Amy navigate the jungle alone?

Dalston Roof Park, London | 2011


Writers | Rhys Lewis, Andrew Whyment

Director | Andrew Whyment

Designer | Helen Coyston

Composer | Rhys Lewis

Movement Director | Polly Bennett

Actors | Tom Chapman, Sophie Crawford, Lauren Dyer, Matthew Ferdenzi, Hannah Johnson, Rhys Lewis, Elliott Rennie, Louise Roberts, Josh Sneesby, Seda Yildiz


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